Guadalupe Novena, Day 1: Introduction

Today I’m beginning a novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe, my very favorite Marian apparition. Our visit to her shrine in Mexico City in 2015 was a major turning-point in my journey to Catholicism (though I didn’t know it at the time).

A novena is, basically, a nine-day commitment to prayer, usually for a particular intention or to celebrate a certain holy day. In this case I’m preparing to celebrate her coming feast day, which is next Saturday.

I have tried to write about Guadalupe multiple times but seem unable to do so—to me her meaning is still pre-verbal, lodged somewhere in my right brain and yet to work its way into the left-brain world of words.

So, in an attempt both to elucidate for myself why she’s so significant to me and to share some of that with you, dear readers, I’ll be writing about her each day up through her feast day on December 12th, the anniversary of her appearance to Juan Diego almost 500 years ago.

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