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107. RCIA Journal: Stuck and Shutdown

106. Cora Evans, Santa Cruz’s Mountain Mystic

105. Candlemas and the Strengthening of the Sun

104. St Francis de Sales: Don’t Mind Your Haters

103. Cathedrals: St Peter’s Basilica

102. Quotes from a Dumb Ox

101. Back At It

100. It’s My 100th Post!

99. I’m Trying to Start an Epiphany Tradition, But It’s Not Going Great

98. Epiphany: Three Kings, a Baptism, and a Wedding

97. How Russia Celebrates the Epiphany

96. Saturday Links 1/2/21

95. Icons: Our Lady of the Sign

94. My Top 6 Posts of 2020

93. St Hippolytus on Becoming Yourself

92. St Thomas Becket: For God Or Country?

91. Why or Why Not

90. I Don’t Know When To Take Down My Christmas Decorations

89. Saturday Links 12/26/20

88. Cathedrals: Church of the Nativity

87. My Favorite Christmas Podcast

86. How Our Preconceived Ideas Do Violence to Scripture

85. What If Jesus Was Born in Your Garage?

84. This Advent, Not Everything Is Lost

83. We Shall Be Set Free, If You Consent

82. Saturday Links 12/19/20

81. Cathedrals: Basilica of the Annunciation

80. RCIA Journal: Uh-oh, Maybe I’m Too Devoted to Mary

79. It’s the Most Marian Time of the Year

78. Where to Find Novenas

77. I Can Almost Call Mary “Co-Redemptrix”

76. Mary, the Advocate of Eve

75. 5 Ways Guadalupe Points Us to Jesus

74. Guadalupe Novena, Day 9: Flor y Canto

73. Guadalupe Novena, Day 8: A Hidden Candle

72. Guadalupe Novena, Day 7: Knowing With the Heart

71. Guadalupe Novena, Day 6: Sightings

70. Guadalupe Novena, Day 5: Heaven’s Answer to the Conquista

69. Guadalupe Novena, Day 4: Syncretism, Superstition, and the Sacred

68. Guadalupe Novena, Day 3: Miriam Solis Sings It Best

67. Guadalupe Novena, Day 2: John Steinbeck Tells It Best

66. Guadalupe Novena, Day 1: Introduction

65. Who’s In Charge Here? A Caveat on Conscience

64. Letting Jesus Out to the Street

63. Where I Find Those Quotes

62. Icons: Ascension/Second Coming

61. Saturday Links 10/28/20

60. Cathedrals: Santa Maria Assunta

59. The First Thanksgiving Was Catholic (Well, Almost)

58. Catholic Guilt is Good, Actually

57. RCIA Journal: Amazing Grace, Catholic Guilt, and Protestant Shame

56. Restoring the Image

55. A Quick Story About St Cecilia

54. Saturday Links 11/21/20

53. Cathedrals: Notre-Dame de Paris

52. The Greatest of These Is . . .

51. How To Be Close to God

50. St Elizabeth’s Cloak

49. St Margaret’s Cave

48. Who’s In Charge Here? Part 5, Where Peter Is

47. Saturday Links 11/14/20

46. Cathedrals: St Etheldreda and St Peter

45. The Coronation of the Virgin

44. Icons: The Fourth Ecumenical Council

43. Peter Has Spoken Thus!

42. Prayer at a Graveside

41. Death Must Not Trouble Us

40. Saturday Links 11/7/20

39. Cathedrals: St Mark’s

38. Surprises in the Catechism: Purgatory

37. Learn to Call Death Sister

36. You Are Still Remembered

35. Requiem Aeternam

34. Twelve of My Favorite Saints

33. Saturday Links 10/31/20

32. Cathedrals: Hagia Sophia

31. RCIA Journal: Agreement, Unity, and Eucharist

30. A Scene from Tobit

29. They Seemed to Be Dead

28. Merely to See Him is a Hardship for Us

27. Who’s in Charge Here? Part 4, Rabbinic Authority in Second Temple Judaism

26. Saturday Links 10/24/20

25. Cathedrals: Sant’Apollinare in Classe

24. Icons: John the Baptist Preaching in Hell

23. Who’s in Charge Here? Part 3, The Fail Mary

22. Taking Up the Cup

21. The Martyrs: Electroshock Therapy for the Soul

20. Who’s In Charge Here? Part 2, Myself Alone

19. Saturday Links 10/17/20

18. Who’s In Charge Here? Part 1, Sola Scriptura

17. Things We Seldom Consider

16. A Beeswax Gospel

15. The Voice of Wakan Tanka

14. The Prayer of the Cottonwood

13. A Gift of Mercy

12. Saturday Links 10/10/20

11. Two Directions

10. He Wishes to Be Understood

9. Ten Hail Marys is a Lot of Blood

8. Pope Francis is Very Online

7. Icons: St Francis of Assisi

6. Sorry, But Catholics Have More Fun

5. Saturday Links 10/3/20

4. Do You Listen to Your Angel?

3. A 10,000 Word Picture

2. On Satisfying No One

Inaugural Post: ‘X’ Marks the Spot